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Because Sleep Matters

Does any of this sound familiar?

Your child just isn’t getting enough sleep... so, neither are you. They wake up multiple times every night. They want to be fed, need to be rocked, would rather co-sleep, or any combination! Plus, they seem to wake up at 4am, ready for the day and refusing to be put back to sleep.

Maybe your child is a little older - the toddler who just won’t stay in bed!

Naps? They’re brief, and a struggle.

Your'e Not Alone!

The sleep struggle is real, but you don’t have to endure it.

I’ve helped so many families take back their sleep schedules... and their sanity.

Wouldn't You Rather...

  • Finally have a sleep schedule that works for your family

  • A solid strategy to handle night waking

  • A plan to wean from rocking or paci

  • The confidence to handle sleep regressions, season changes, and more!

Ready to get started?

So, what's the Secret?

I combine my many certifications and years of experience in my exclusive system, The Sleep Trifecta, and tailor it to your specific and unique family needs. My work is never one-size-fits-all, because we all know that really means one-size-fits-none!

I don’t utilize the Cry It Out method. I take time to learn about you, your child, and your environment then use my intuition as a mother myself and my experience to apply The Sleep Trifecta in your bedtime routine.

What's this Sleep Trifecta thing?

It’s my exclusive program methodology, which breaks down into 3 key components for sweet sleep:

The Right Amount of Sleep

At The Right Time

In The Right Place

Every child has an age-appropriate amount of sleep their bodies need in order to function to their fullest capability. I’ll determine what the proper amount of sleep is for your child based on his or her unique needs and age, then leverage the body’s internal clock (circadian rhythm) to get everyone the best sleep possible. We’ll also ensure your child’s space becomes a sleep haven so they will easily drift off and even enjoy going to sleep!

A PhD in Results