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Hey there. I’m Carolina Romanyuk, a  Child and Family Sleep Consultant, specializing in pediatric sleep hygiene and behavioral coaching, International Children’s book author, creator of: "The Sleep Trifecta: 3 Steps to Sleep Success." Speaker, and Mom of 2 happy and rested toddlers.


But why do I do what I do?


I have dedicated my career to helping families suffering from sleep deprivation around the globe through Skype, emails and in-person consults, by providing them easy-to-follow and proven solutions that are backed by science.


When I became a mommy for the first time in 2010, I wanted it all – to cook “Top Chef” copycat meals, clean everyday, take care of my beautiful newborn son, be the perfect wife, and continue my career in finance.


But, I was exhausted, I wasn’t taking care of myself, and wasn’t watching my health. I also wanted and much needed my “me” time, but felt selfish to take it. With my husband’s loving words, “go and enjoy yourself, I got this,” I would do simple activities. Like spend time watching “I Love Lucy,” dancing to Salsa music (Oye, those love-handle-hip-reducing beats!) and playing with my make up.


My second son soon came along, and many of my friends were also having children at that time, too and these new mommies all asked me the same question: “Carolina, how do you get your boys to sleep through the night?” To me it was second nature, but as I found out from my friends it isn’t instinctual for everyone.


I’m naturally witty, caring, nurturing, (and stylish!) and I enjoyed helping my friends overcome their new mommy jitters. In the process, I realized that my destiny wasn’t in finance, but in helping others. Especially with my love of sleep.  So, I educated myself on pediatric sleep training. 



  • Certified Child Sleep Consultant (Family Sleep Institute)

  • Member of the National Sleep Foundation

  • Certified SIDS prevention and Safe Sleep Educator (CSS)

  • Certified Baby Planner- Registry and Product Expert

  • Board Certification as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner (American Association of Drugless Practitioners)



  • Courses in sleep safety, sleep training, and child care by Cheryl Carey, MSW2017, I

  • Internship for Adult Sleep Medical Distrubances with  Dr. Jordan Stern

  • Chiropractic & infant/toddler sleep disturbances with Dr. Glory Eid

  • Incidence, pathophysiology, and treatment of GERD during infancy with Dr. Warren Lynton Shapiro, M.D. F.A.A.P.

  • Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths and ABC's of Safe Sleep

  • As They Grow, Early Childhood Development course- FSI

  • Sleep Training for Children with Special Needs (FSI/Dr. Debbie Sasson)

  • Adult Sleep Challenges- (FSI/Patty Tucker PA-C) 

  • BA Finance


Yes, I’m a professional sleep expert and........

also a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants.

Hi, I'm Carolina.

But I’m also a mommy who knows the struggle. I get you – I know what you’re going through and I understand how sensitive the topic of sleep is.




it has been 11 months and your child still wakes up during the night, and don't fool yourself again by saying "it's probably teething."




you have no routine placed and just have to wing it everyday. Especially that you have 2 kids and completely different activities for them.




that you have to hide out in the bathroom to get yourself together because you can't bare another night of bedtime battles and just want to get sleep for a few unitnerrupted hours. You just want to place your beautiful baby down in her crib without any crying, fussing or guilt. Be able to give her a kiss and leave the room knowing that she will sleep through the night and you can spend some time with your husband or even just chill out and watch uniterrrupted T.V.


IT STINKS! I've been there.


What you need is to be heard and a solid sleep plan to guarantee you better sleep.


Someone to listen to your questions and concerns without judgement and provide you step-by-step, hold-your-hand , easy peezy solutions that are also backed by science. 


Well luckily for you, I can help with that. 


What I’ll provide you aren’t just any methods that you can find anywhere on the Internet. Instead, you’ll receive tools, guidance, and unconditional support based on the latest in pediatric sleep science. I’ll teach you about my own program I call the “sleep trifecta” – biological timing, scheduling, and setting up the right environment. I’ll also take a 360-degree view of your child’s day, life, and family setting and provide you with a custom solution that’s unique to you and your child.


My work has appeared on various sites, including The Huffington Post, Well Rounded, A Child Grows In Brooklyn, We Are Pediatricians, and NYMetroParents. 

My Professional Bio

...Because Sleep Matters and so do you!

Carolina Romanyuk is an Award winning Family Sleep Institute Pediatric Consultant earning a PhD in Gentle Sleep Results. She is also a published author and an outstanding wife and mama to two adventurous and well-rested boys. Coming from a background in finance from one of  the top private colleges in the US and working a decade with the sharks in the financial district of NYC, Carolina left Corporate America to pursue her dream career. After all, why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one?  
With hundreds of successful sleep cases using her trademarked program,“Sleep Trifecta: 3 Steps to Sleep Success”, she achieves blissful sleep with minimal tears, love and guidance. A dream come true for tired parents!

Carolina is a nationally recognized speaker and educator, and her articles can be found on some of the most visited parenthood sites on the internet. Her dedication to her work was recognized by the director of Pediatrics at a local NYC hospital and was the first Sleep Consultant to ever be invited to teach at Grand Rounds. She also volunteers her time to an Award Winning Sleep Doctor assisting with case studies for adult sleep apnea. 
You can find Carolina writing books like,”Good Night Melanie, Good Morning Cory” (featuring Melanie Melatonin and Cory Cortisol), which is sold on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. As well as helping parents across the globe through her popular Facebook LIVE show, Sleep Conversations With Carolina, totaling over 150,000 viewers. Carolina works with families worldwide through virtual and in-person sessions. For fun, she loves dancing (spanish tunes are her go-to), laughing and just being in the moment with family, friends, and  her well rested clients.


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