“Carolina was amazing! Highly recommended for all new mommies!” ~Vanessa
best selling bedtime book
Goodnight Melanie





Sleep is boring! 

Crabby Cornelia hates sleep. She would rather stay up all night playing, even if it makes her really, really tired in the morning. There’s a reason she’s always in a bad mood. 

Come and explore Friendly Forest on a magic ride with Bobby Blanket, Crabby Cornelia, Penelope Pillow and all their friends. They’ll take you on an enchanted journey to discover the secret hidden messages your body gives you when it’s time to sleep and show you how you can buzz with energy every morning! 

With a little help from the fairies, Melanie Melatonin and Cory Cortisol (and a sprinkling of fairy dust) you can discover how to be a Master of Sleep!

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