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Here’s a list of products that I’ve either personally used or are made by people I’ve met.


I can assure these products will help you get your child to bed more easily and, thus, help you enjoy a better night’s rest, too. I feel confident in endorsing every product I’ve listed on this page.


These products are available at all different prices points and are suggested must-haves. Meaning, you don't need to purchase all of these products or else you won’t get sleep again. They are here as a resource and  can help make the process of getting your child ready for bed and enjoying more pillow time for yourself that much easier.


So, what isn’t there to love about that?

Sleep Environment made to perfection for all ages:

Marpac DOHM 


  • I think this white noise machine is THE BEST because it will produce one constant, calming sound into your child’s bedroom, helping to make it easier for your little one to fall asleep.  


  • The cheaper version way to produce white noise is to use a fan or an app like “Brown Noise” or “Sleep Maker Dreams” – but watch out for battery life, and make sure that the light of the screen is covered so none of the illumination shines through!  

PureGuardian H1510 100-Hour Ultrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier 1.5 Gallons


  • I love this because it has a cool and warm humidifier buttons and hold lots of water and the nozzles on top are moveable to adjust where the steam should be flowing. 


Air Purifier: GermGuardian AC4825, 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System with True HEPA, UV-C and Odor Reduction, 22-Inch


  • This air purifier will clean 99.7% of the allergens out of the air, making the environment in the bedroom purer and healthier to breathe.


  • A cheaper idea is to buy any less-expensive air purifier that features a HEPA filter; these are the best types of air purifiers.

Night Light's

A night light should have the colors of a sunset: pinks, reds, oranges.

These colors are more soothing to the eye and assist with relaxation prior to nap / bedtime.


               Do I have to say anything else?

  • This Alien looking night light is pretty cool for toddlers. The lights can be easily turned off at sleep time with Boon GLO Nightlight with Portable Balls. The portable balls glow when the lights are out. This night light is multicolored and interactive. It also has removable GLO balls that glow beautifully in the dark. These balls are not electronic. They can be used by kids or even tucked in with them in the bed. The balls don't become hot or break.

TIP: Use the warm colors to increase relaxation.



  • A cheaper version of this nightlight is getting creative like this picture.  Here are similar branch lights you can get to recreate this dreamy look.

Blackout Shades

Not curtains that are black. Actual BLACKOUT shades. Remeber light is our enemy when we are trying to sleep. It suppresses our melatonin levels (sleep homrone).


  • Got fancy custom curtains that you don't want to add too?

  • Have fancy shaped windows that a standard curatin will look yucky on?

  • Traveling and need a quick window blackout fix?


Check out : Blackout EZ Window Cover, Large (45” by 66”)


  • This blackout shade will help keep outdoor light from creeping into your child’s bedroom. It’s also easy to install and requires no tools!  

  • The cheaper alternative to this blackout shade is to hang towels or aluminum foil over the windows. Using construction paper is also an ideal way to provide to block outdoor light.

Keep my Toddler in their bed

Swaddles, Sleep Sacks, Transition from Swaddle

& Other Cool Sleep Stuff

Toddler clock


  • This clock is so playful and adorable – it’s perfect for any young child’s bedroom. It’s also a great product for helping to keep to your child’s sleep schedule on time! Just set a specific time for when it's wake up and until that time pops up, your toddler should remain in their bed. 

Moon Cocoon

Don't you just L-O-V-E the name?


  • The only sleep sack you'll ever need.

  • The Moon Cocoon has 5 different ways you can utilize it making it the a one-fits 6 products in all.


AND There's more...

Being the superstar parent that you are, Nini&Pumpkin are so generous in giving my family (YOU) 20% off their Moon Cocoon products.

At the check out line, enter the code : CR20 to get your discount.

Swaddle Blankets



  • These swaddle blankets help reduce overheating and are very versatile – they can be used as a stroller cloth or changing table cloth, burp cloth, tummy blanket, and for other uses, too.


  • A cheaper version is purchasing a nice light fabric and just sewing the edges nicely yourself.

Zipadee-Zip® Wearable Blanket

The Zipadee-Zip is a swaddle transition piece.

Vusee - The Universal Baby Monitor Shelf


  • The Vusee baby monitor shelf accommodates virtually any baby video monitor and can be hung without tools. It also allows the camera to be tilted downward at an angle of up to 40 degrees, providing the perfect view of your child’s room.  


  • The cheaper alternative to this baby monitor shelf is to place the monitor away from the baby’s reach, meaning not in the crib or on a table next to the crib. If the monitor must be placed nearby the crib, make sure you tuck away and clamp any wires so your child can’t reach them.  

Trixie Tracker Sleep Tracking App


  • Easily record and review your baby’s sleeping habits, making it easier for you to see patterns in your child’s sleep rhythms and daily activity.  

 Traveling Stuff

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Water Wipes


  • These are called the “world’s purest baby wipes” for a reason – they’re 99.9% water, and they are completely safe for infants. Chemical-free and gentle as can be, WaterWipes are one of the safest products you can buy for cleaning up after those little messes.

  • The cheaper version are  wet paper towels in a Ziplock bag.


Services I       for mom + dad + baby


My Products

“Mompreneurs” – entrepreneurs who also happen to be moms. Not only do they know their customers (very well, I might add!), but when you buy their products, you’re also investing in their companies and helping to keep their dream missions going.  

 this onesie that says “My mom is my BREASTfriend.” The back of the onesie says “She’s is my dad’s also.” These onesies are sold by Simply Chickie, a great organic baby clothing company that’s led by a woman I met some time ago at an expo. In fact, many of the products I’ve listed here on this page are sold by


Along with the many products I’ve recommended above, there are also some that I’m selling, too. For example, I offer a T-shirt that helps eliminate breastfeeding. Yeah, you read that correctly. This T-shirt features two closed eyelids that, when the shirt is worn, cover the breasts. The shirt visually informs your baby that the “bar is closed.” Simply point to the closed eyes and tell your baby, “Look, honey, they are sleeping.” I swear, it works like a charm!


I also offer apparel that can be worn by your baby, such as

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