From Womb To Room

Newborn Sleep Masterclass

This class will help you to

  • decrease the need for sleep training later on (seriously)

  • easily calm a fussy or crying newborn

  • understand your baby's sleepy cues

  • develop a healthy sleep routine

  • best utilize sleep schedules (sample schedules provided_whoop whoop)

  • create stability and structure while allowing room for flexibility

  • learn everything about newborn naps, feedings and night sleep

This class is

  • No Cry It Out approach (not my thing)

  • Top Newborn Sleep Class in NYC

  • Breast and Formula Feeding Friendly

  • Evidence-based

  • Curated by Award Winning Sleep Consultant and Mentor at the Family Sleep Institute

  • Practical and Helpful

  • Provides flexibility when needed along with structure when needed

  • Ideal for newborns birth - 16 weeks

Yes! You can hug, hold, snuggle, and rock your baby. All the while still building a healthy sleep foundation.


"Carolina saved me and my son. He would not sleep in his crib during the day, only outside in the stroller. I had to go out even when it was raining to make him sleep! Unmanageable situation! Or in arms on top of me. The moment I would place him down, he will scream. We went under her private newborn sleep mentorship and it was life changing. I'm a single mom and work full-time. She educated not only me, but my nanny as well so we can be on the same page. Carolina even had the sleep plan translated in Spanish so my nanny can follow. She adjusted a few pieces in our routine, his schedule and taught me and my nanny how to put him down on his own in his crib. That alone was priceless. I was so scared that he will be crying so much, but her presence made me feel calm. Now he is an angel sleeping in his crib during the day and his nights are glorious. I am so happy with the results. Such a freedom to know how to help him get the sleep that he needs to develop himself! Carolina is the best! "

Mom Eliana V.



Hi, I'm Carolina, and my clients call me the Sleep Boss.


Are you ready to join the thousands of blissfully sleeping parents?


bonus 1:

One lucky 🍀 parent will be picked at random to be in the sleep love seat live. It’s where you will get my eyes and ears on your specific sleep situation and leave with a tactical plan you can begin that night. 


Bonus 2: 

A helpful 20 page booklet to download, print and keep - It’s Yours! 


This class is a preview of the official launch in

March 2020


Our goal has always been to make sleep blissful. 


this pre-launch is exclusive to only 10 members per class. 


To ensure that all pressing sleep topics are covered and truly establish this as one of the best online newborn sleep classes.


Please read our terms and conditionsdisclaimer policy and privacy policy before attending.