What To Expect When You Choose My Sleep Training Services


My sleep services focus on helping the entire family sleep well. I limit the number of clients I  serve each month so I  can give each family my full attention. Services go beyond sleep training – with me, you get a complete wellness program for the entire family with my network of other medical professionals. 

Every family and child is unique, so my customized solution packages are for your unique situation. I also take into consideration your personal parenting philosophy. Whether you co-sleep, want a gentle sleep approach or a more direct sleep approach, I will develop a solution that’s right for your family.  

All of my plans create a solid guideline that establishes your child’s sleep foundation and is the key to success. When your child hits a new developmental milestone or a change in their life’s dynamic, like a new sibling or starting school, it can throw their sleep schedules out of whack. But when you have a solid sleep foundation, all you’ll need are small tweaks to get your child back on track – and back to sleep.


The plan includes step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions that compliment your parental philosophy and child’s behavior, which is broken down into 3 components:

The right amount of sleep


 Every child has an age appropriate amount of sleep their bodies need in order to function to their fullest capability. I’ll determine what the proper amount of sleep is for your child based on his or her unique needs and age.

At the right time 


As human beings, our bodies are pre-wired to sleep. We have built-in internal sleeping and waking alarm clocks that work off of light and dark; A.K.A. circadian rhythm. When there is sunlight – be it natural or artificial – our body produces a stress hormone called cortisol, which helps us wake up and stay awake. When there is darkness, we produce melatonin – a relaxing hormone. Children have specific times of the day when their bodies naturally produce more melatonin, and that’s when it’s the easiest to place your child to bed without battles. The biological clock adjusts as your child grows.

In the right place


It’s important that you have the ideal sleep environment, which is healthy and conducive to sleep. This is very often overlooked and is actually the easiest pieces of the sleep puzzle to ensure achieving sleep success.


The last part of the plan is a “hold your hand” description of the chosen sleep method that compliments your parental philosophy and your child’s behavior. It’s the succulent strawberry resting on top of this, 3-layered cheescake that we know as The Sleep Trifecta. Yum!

Strawberry – Method

Layer 3 – In the right place

Layer 2 – At the right time 

Layer 1 – The right amount of sleep

This final part of the sleep training service ties everything together.


I will take the time to always explain why are we implementing each technique and the benefit of it. I never want you to feel confused or unsure. We are a team! You and me!


The plan also includes:


A love note from me welcoming you into my family of sleep peeps


Step-by-step-walk-through of “what happens if nightwaking occurs?” Remember, this plan will complement your parenting philosophy + your child’s behavior


Sample bedtime routines that are age appropriate and guaranteed to ease bedtime battles; it’s not like you’re going to always keep the same routine you had when your child was a newborn


Nap coaching – naps are super tricky and can make or break your child’s behavior during the day; tantrums, anyone? If you’re having short, non-existent naps or in-between transitions from 3-2-1 nap, this will be your savior!


Product recommendations if needed



Sleep training isn’t easy, but when we become parents, nothing is easy. But when you added sleep deprivation, that’s just nuts. I think it’s crazy pants to just “accept” not sleeping or “waiting it out.” Especially since it’s built in to our wellbeing to function. Being a parent in general is hard, but with me by your side, it’ll be that much easier.

Sleep training isn’t easy, but when we become parents, nothing is easy. Then add sleep deprivation – well, that’s just nuts. ~Carolina

No matter what plan you choose, you can expect the following:


My certified expertise, built upon the training of pediatric sleep pioneers from the Family Sleep Institute


Support from me so you never have to feel like you need to figure out anything yourself.


An entourage of more than specialists around the globe who are world-renowned child behaviorialists, psychologists, lactation counselors, potty training extraordinaires, nurses, occupational therapists, and speech pathologists, to name a few. This comes in handy if there is a question that arises and is outside of my sleep scope, like a child that is tongue tied and needs assistance with latching on.


What else will you receive?


Perhaps most importantly is my gift to LISTEN. A sleep-deprived parent can be so deep in the heavy fog of exhaustion that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to think straight. I will listen, bring you clarity of this mashed potatoes world of “baby-no-sleep,” and hold you accountable so you achieve sleep success – I can provide you every tool, but if there is no implementation of order, we won’t get anywhere.


Now, I know you wanna ask, “Do you come with a money-back guarantee, Carolina?”


The simple answer is, I don’t give money-back guarantees because we know your goals will be achieved if the sleep plan is fully implemented. Some parents want to pick and choose what parts of the sleep plan they use, but these techniques are scientifically researched, and each component of these sleep plans are dependent on the other. 


Think of these sleep plans like puzzles. You’ll need every piece to complete the puzzle, and without every piece in its proper place, you won’t get to see the entire picture (a good night’s sleep).


Don’t worry – this isn’t a “puzzle” that you’ll have to figure out on your own. I’ll be there every step of the way to help you, right down to the “last piece.”


So, are you ready to put this “puzzle” together? 


It’s time to start enjoying a good night’s sleep again, so read on to learn more about the sleep training services I offer! I know you’ll be spending more time snuggled up with your pillow before long.



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