Sleep Training Classes

Are you ready for an amazing sleep experience?
Is your child’s sleep impacting your ability to enjoy parenting ?
A calming and relaxing event awaits you at Coco-Mat.
Leave your worries behind. Come kick off your shoes, lay on a cozy organic bed with rose petals, shut your eyes and surrender. Time to relax and become one with your senses. Your 5 senses; the pillars of sleep which are simple techniques you can implement TONIGHT and teach your child how to fall asleep without a Bedtime Battle. You'll indulge in sweet scents from Lotuswei and a guided breathing technique used by Carolina to calm the most spirited individual.
Attachment Parents (families that prefer a gentler approach) achieve serious lasting results for their babies using my easy to master physiological methods combined with their current baby care routines. ALL WHILE THEY AVOID STANDARD SLEEP TRAINING “TECHNIQUES”.
You’ll go home with tools and confidence to sleep better tonight. Plus a little mini gift from me.
Rest, Relax and Refresh with me, Carolina!


WHO IS THIS PERFECT FOR: expecting mother’s and parents of children under 8 months.

Date: 11/16/16

Time: 6pm-8pn

Place: Coco-Mat NYC

Details: click the sign up button below

HOw to raise a happy and healhty sleeper.

The Mom Incubator

THE MOM INCUBATOR is a platform for birthing mother's through this confusing and googlitis world. With conversations on the topics of sleep, parenthood, marriage, wellness around panels  of experts and cocktail hour.


A 3 week membership program that contains weekly special guests on topics such as feeding, behavioral therapy, allergies, mouth breathing, chiropractics, potty training, lactation, sleep and so much more.

COMING THIS WINTER 2017! To reserve your spot in advance, click the button below and contact me. In the message box, let me know "Hold my spot for The Mom Incubator."


I want to tell you a little sleep coach secret. Did you know that having the father present during sleep training can not only speed up the process, it can also decrease the stress level.


A father's love, their strength and their firm touch is a secret weapon many sleep consultans use. A father’s masculinity to be used to comfort to sleep. You can think of it as a “father’s special touch.”


When a new baby is born, many fathers don’t know:


  • How to step in and help

  • When to step in and help

  • If they are even wanted to be OF help


If you feel like this, I want you to know this:

“…a father’s masculinity is not diminished by caring for his children. Rather, we believe he is never more of a man than when he is being an involved father. ("


Let’s begin your fathering journey by creating a “step by step” plan on how you can feel confidant, remain calm, be supportive and be the father you always wanted or have wanted to always become.

COMING THIS WINTER 2017! To reserve your spot in advance, click the button below and contact me. In the message box, let me know "Hold my spot for A Father's Love."


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